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Ecstatic Dance & Rescue Dogs at our Retreat Center in Costa Rica

May 10, 2024 | Activities and Excursions

Embracing Joy and Healing with Ecstatic Dance and Our Rescue Dogs at Con Smania CR

At Con Smania CR, nestled near the vibrant town of Nosara in Costa Rica, we believe in the healing power of movement, community, and the unconditional love of our furry friends. Our latest heartwarming story features Jeremy, our latest rescue to join the #dogsofconsmania, with a knack for bringing smiles and comfort to all he meets. His presence at our Sunday Ecstatic Dance session was not only a source of joy but also a touching farewell to one of his cherished caretakers.

The Therapeutic Role of Rescue Dogs in Retreat Settings

Rescue dogs like Jeremy are not just pets; they are integral spaceholders that contribute to the overall therapeutic experience at our retreat center. With their gentle, attentive nature, they provide emotional support and companionship, enhancing the retreat experience for attendees.

  • Stress Relief: Engaging with dogs can lower stress and promote relaxation.
  • Emotional Connection: Their ability to sense and respond to human emotions makes them excellent at offering comfort.
  • Social Interaction: Dogs encourage socializing among retreat participants, helping to create a sense of community.
  • Non-Judgmental Presence: Their unconditional love and acceptance can be particularly healing for individuals working through personal challenges.

Ecstatic Dance: A Journey of Self-Expression and Release

Ecstatic Dance is a free-form movement experience where participants are encouraged to express themselves authentically through dance. It’s a safe space where you can move your body in any way that feels right for you, without judgment or expectation. This practice aligns perfectly with the supportive atmosphere created by our rescue dogs.

  • Freedom of Expression: There are no set steps or routines, allowing for complete creative freedom.
  • Physical Health: Dancing is not only fun but also an excellent form of exercise that can improve overall physical health.
  • Emotional Release: The act of dancing can be a powerful tool for releasing emotions and finding inner peace.

Jeremy’s Farewell To a Dear Friend … For Now

Jeremy, with his wagging tail and bright eyes, became the star of our Sunday Ecstatic Dance. As the music played and people swayed, Jeremy moved among the dancers, offering nuzzles and cuddles. It was a bittersweet day as we bid farewell to one of his beloved caretakers who was leaving for the season. Jeremy seemed to sense the mixed emotions in the air, providing comfort with his presence. It was a beautiful testament to the bond between humans and animals and the healing power of dance.

At Con Smania CR, we are grateful for the lessons and love our rescue dogs bring into our lives. They remind us to embrace the moment, find joy in the simple things, and connect with others. Whether through the shared experience of dance or the silent support of a furry friend, we find healing and happiness in the embrace of our community.

Ecstatic Dance is a wonderful addition to any retreat offering, even if the retreat host isn’t the leader! We have options for an excursion to attend a community event or bringing the dance to Con Smania CR. These all ages, genders, experience level dances are full of joy, energy, and a true safe space container. Have you ever attended one? Can you imagine your own retreat including this high vibe activity?

Until then, keep dancing, keep smiling, and remember—the best therapists may just have fur and four legs.

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