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Start Up Consciousness September:
Expand Your Genius Through
the Sacred and Logical

Holistic Business Mastermind & Healing Retreat
Hosted by Nick and Jill and Featuring Sacred Ceremonies with Brad and Sarah

Wednesday September 25 – October 2, 2024
Con Smania CR, Playa Buena Vista, Samara, Costa Rica

Unlock the true potential of your leadership journey at Con Smania CR, where the vibrant pulse of the ocean meets the tranquil embrace of the jungle.

Immerse yourself in an exclusive, transformative retreat designed for self-aware startup business founders and leaders on a mission. Experience a unique blend of business strategy, mindfulness, creativity, and consciousness exploration, tailored to elevate your personal and professional growth.

Reconnect with your vision, ignite your creativity, and cultivate a balanced, thriving mindset in a supportive setting.

Join us for an unparalleled experience that will empower you to lead with clarity, innovation, and purpose, ensuring every moment of your investment is invaluable.

Working with our team of experienced guides, plants, and healers, we’ll co-create an environment that facilitates a unique and transformative retreat.

Startup founders, entrepreneurs, and leaders often face relentless pressure to innovate, grow, and lead their businesses to success. The constant demands can lead to burnout, decision fatigue, and a disconnect from your original vision and purpose.

Taking a week away to attend a retreat at Con Smania CR offers a sanctuary from these pressures, providing a space to rejuvenate and refocus. This Start Up Consciousness Retreat allows you to step back from the daily grind and gain a fresh perspective on your business challenges and opportunities, bring on a renewed sense of clarity and direction.

Despite being surrounded by teams and networks, the weight of responsibility can feel isolating, can’t it? Our retreat brings together like-minded entrepreneurs, creating an environment of support and shared experiences. Engage in meaningful conversations, exchange ideas, and build lasting connections with peers who understand the unique challenges of leading a startup.

Do you find the balance between personal well-being and professional growth is eluding you? At Con Smania CR, we integrate consciousness and wellness practices with business strategy sessions, ensuring that you as founders not only refine their vision for your business but also nurture your mental and physical health. This holistic approach helps in developing a resilient mindset, enhancing creativity, and boosting overall productivity.

Our retreat aims to empower you as an entrepreneur to return to your ventures with renewed energy, innovative solutions, and a deeper sense of fulfillment.

Are you ready?

  • To feel embraced in an elevated one of a kind experience where you can freely talk about how to transform your life and leadership
  • To delve into a powerful experience and join other expansion-oriented entrepreneurs dedicated to growth & personal healing and how we all show up for others
  • To identify your blockages in your business and personal development and release them once and for all
  • To experience the perfect mixture of retreat, support, vibe, outstanding experiences and integration
  • To give yourself the gift of exactly what you need, whether it is introspection, evolution, rest, connection, or all of the above!

If you said YES to any or all of these things, then this is the retreat for YOU!!

Sign up today to join Nick, Jill and the extraordinary team of practitioners and guides: Brad and Sarah, Jesse, and more to continue your journey of Expansion… in Costa Rica, September 25 – October 2, 2024.

Days 1-2: Landing and Regulating

Day 1: September 25
Arrival and check-in
Welcome dinner and informal gathering
Free time to rest and acclimate

Day 2: Setting Intentions
Sunrise walk to the beach
Opening Circle
Introduction and setting intentions
Creating agreements for the retreat container
Mastermind Session
Small groups or circles focusing on individual startups or projects
Sound bath or grounding activity
Nutritious and vibrant dinner
Evening free time for rest



Day 3: Ceremony Preparation

Sunrise walk to the beach
Breakfast to fuel for ceremony
Sharing circle and introduction to ceremonies
(Pssst, this is your chance to ask any questions you have!)
Journaling and reflection session
Light Lunch
Afternoon: Mastermind Session
Aligning ceremony intentions with life and/or business goals
Late Afternoon: Free time to rest and prepare for the ceremony


Nights 3 & 4: Journeying

Two Ayahuasca Journeys with Brad and Sarah
Sharing Circles with group and facilitators
Rest and Reflection
1:1 Sessions with Nick and Jill as needed


Days 5-8: Integration

Sunrise Beach Time
Integration Talks
Popcorn sessions for sharing ideas and reflections
Dedicated time to work on projects and mastermind
Enjoy a massage, schedule a healing session, swing in a hammock or whatever feels right to you


Learn more about some of the Start Up Consciousness Offerings

Ayahuasca with Brad and Sarah

We create a container that is held in a very unique and modern way, while still honoring tradition. Our ceremonies are celebrations of life. We gather together to learn to integrate and become devoted students of the art of good living. We are all in this together, and each of us is a pillar of light that helps us to find our way to living well and embodying the essence of freedom in being.

We gather in the evening, and the ceremony opens with a group circle. Each participant has a one-on-one consultation with our facilitators, to discuss their intentions, questions, or desires. Sacred tobacco (Rapé) is offered for those who wish to commune with this Amazonian medicine that opens the third eye.

Our facilitators, steeped in the traditions and spirit of this medicine, have decades of combined experience. As students of indigenous Amazonian shamans, they have been blessed by the wisdom keepers to share the healing experience of this medicine.

Our expert team will prepare you for what to expect and how to navigate your experience. In our intimate group, you will be surrounded by support throughout your whole journey, with anything you need.

Sound Healing & Reiki with Jesse

An intimate experience using quartz crystal sound healing bowls, you will be immersed in the frequencies of healing sound vibrations. Receive group and personal reiki to balance the body’s energetics during the sound experience.

1:1 Coaching Sessions with Nick

Each session is an opportunity to reflect, learn, and strategize. You’ll receive insights and tools tailored to help you achieve personal and professional milestones.

Integration Circles with Jill

How we process these consciousness-expanding experiences and prepare to re-enter our everyday life is an important part of the ceremony experience. Guided by Jill’s Daily Questions reflective journaling and sharing circles, you will begin to come home to your own knowing.

What YOU Are Going to Walk Away With…

 Sacred ceremony can be a powerful tool for aligning the divine consciousness. By accessing a state of heightened awareness and connection to the universe, these journeys can lead to a greater sense of clarity and purpose in life, as well as a renewed appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things.

Ultimately, Sacred ceremony can be a life-changing experience that offers deep healing and transformation for those who are ready to embark on the journey within.

Allow us to support you before, during, and after. With tools acquired during your time on property and integrative practices to bolster your expansion. 

What’s Included:

We have crafted this experience to be flexible to your needs. 

Accommodate your personal and leadership responsibilities or go all in and disconnect from everything else while you deeply connect to self. We honor your path.

  • Wednesday September 25 to Wednesday October 2, 2024
  • Two Ayahuasca Ceremonies with Brad and Sarah
  • Group Sound Healing and Reiki
  • Chef prepared Breakfasts and Lunch or Dinners
  • Unlimited smoothie and snack bar
  • Masterminding and Integration Circles
  • Plant steam baths and cold plunges
  • Business strategy planning and 1:1 time
  • A home for your time here you aren’t likely to forget anytime soon!
  • Housekeeping and laundry services
  • Transportation to and from Liberia airport.

And so much more! 

*all experiences except massages or private healing sessions with Jesse are covered by your retreat fees, no refunds will be offered on any experiences you choose to forgo. Or grab one of our Quick Action spots to get these included with your retreat! Details below.

What you are responsible for:

  • Your round-trip airfare from home
  • Fees for any spa activities (our massage therapist is incredible, $130 for 60 minutes/ $170 for 90 minutes, acupuncture and complete private healing sessions with Jesse are also available $220 )
  • Personal, medical, or trip cancellation insurance (required)


Arrive into the Liberia Daniel Oduber Airport (LIR) on Wednesday September 25 before 2pm if possible so we can pick you up and get you settled in before your chosen experiences. Departure on or after Wednesday October 2. You can stay on at Con Smania CR for up to two nights after the retreat for $190 per night, if you choose.

Your Guides Throughout The Experiences

Nick Jones

Expansion is something deeply rooted in Nick’s career. He was an early employee at Uber, and then an Expansion Expert at Lime where he opened up 8 markets in 3 countries in 16 months. Nick has always walked between worlds, something that allowed him to excel in confluence point positions like expansion. Equally able to talk to engineers, marketers, ops people, and anyone in between, Nick’s motto has always been “I will meet you where you are, and show you where I am.” He was drawn to become a founding Collective Member of Con Smania as he instantly understood Jill’s vision and knew she was capable of creating a place that facilitates radical transformations.

Now Nick focuses his time on startup and business consulting and advising, as well as coaching and leading retreats for those in entrepreneurship and business who are looking for someone who can meet them where they’re at on their journey. He brings his natural skepticism and empathy to every endeavor and client and only seeks to be of service to those walking their path.

Nick is a 3/5 Projector, with Self-Projected Authority – a very rare Human Design!


Jill is the Creator of Magic at Con Smania CR and steward of the project and property. A passion for supporting heart-centered entrepreneurs, you will often hear her say to “focus on your genius, let others focus on theirs” as a way for people to recognize how they can release control and work at the innersection of what lights them up and what they excel at. Retreats are her own place of deep contentment.

After many years of working with plant and being allies, Jill is most fascinated with the science of neuroplasticity and the spiritual expansiveness of journeying, breath, and meditation that can allow us to move through our own and generational trauma. A long time Pilates and fitness instructor turned business strategist, Jill’s background and blend of logic and loving awareness have led to this moment and this place in extraordinary ways.

Jill is a 6/2 Generator with Sacral Authority, placing her Human Design as the Exemplary Human, in other words, someone meant to oversee a retreat center and transformational experiences!


Brad and Sarah

Brad’s true calling in life is helping others to remember their true essence. He has years of study, trainings, and experience with plant medicine. Brad speaks volumes through silence and presence, soul to soul. His compassion, love, and belief in the medicine create a loving space for profound healing. His wisdom and knowledge bring you home. Ceremony with Brad is like one, big long-
lasting, loving hug.

Sarah’s true calling in life is to invoke the Divine feminine in us all. She has been studying everything ancient her entire life. Her ceremonies embody trust, truth, and unconditional love. Sarah’s ability to summon the ancient ones through her music and prayer awakens your soul with wisdom. Her commitment to plant medicine reminds us to trust the sacredness of not only our own life but all life.

Ceremonies with Sarah and Brad are rooted in the honoring of Grandmother Ayahuasca as ancient wisdom to help us remember our true self. Their commitment to the traditions, teachings, and guidance is what creates the
scared space for surrender, stillness, and connection to our infinite light.
Sharing this experience will take us home and set us free to know we are simply love.

Their ceremonies are truly something to behold. They bring years of combined study and experience serving plant medicines of many kinds and honoring many traditions. All of this comes together to create a very unique and more
modern container for supporting the liberation of each participant. Their vision has become a living testament to honor all that is with unconditional love and to be of service to the greater plan that is creation.


The gift of healing that Jesse provides is rooted in a foundation of energetic and emotional balancing through acupuncture, reiki, higher-self channeling, bodywork & manual therapy, quartz crystal sound healing bowls, herbal medicine, healing mantra, plant-medicine, meditation, Buddhist and Central American tradition and philosophy, and much more…

Jesse is a Board-Certified Licensed Acupuncturist (U.S.), Board-Certified Herbalist (U.S.), Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (U.S.) and has a Master’s of Science in Nutrition. He is formally trained in Reiki and sound healing, and is also a Master of Kuji-Kiri (an esoteric Buddhist practice of the Magi).

Jesse’s undergraduate education is in Western Health Science / Pre-Med and his knowledge of the anatomical and physiological processes of the body add to his skills as a qualified practitioner. Learn more about Jesse here: https://www.nosaraenergyhealing.com/

The Venue…

Tantalize your senses and transform into your best self in one of Earth’s most restorative destinations… the beautiful and lush Costa Rica. The air is cleaner and fresher, the sun is brighter, the energy is more vibrant. It’s the ideal place to activate your greatest potential and honor your deepest purpose.

You’ll join us at a property that has been experiencing it’s own transformation… from hotel to retreat center: Con Smania CR. The physical manifestation of the life’s work of our managing partner, Jill, in supporting others so they can share their mission with the world. Each structure is unique and positively invites exploration through the winding paths and gorgeous landscaping.

Bordered by our own landing strip – or pasture when our equine friends come to visit – and very few neighbors, this safe and sacred space is also just a 10 minute stroll to the Pacific Ocean.

Guanacaste trees shade the property and provide home to a variety of wildlife, including the howlers, parrots, iguanas and so much more.

From hidden meditation spots to the grand and magnificent main building we call Haven, there is so much to explore on the property, or just lounge at our unique and fun pool for the rest you deserve.

Unique workshop space in a converted airplane hangar

The Food and Meals…

Inspired by the ingredients that make this one of the world’s five Blue Zones, our Costa Rican chef-designed vegetarian-focused meals that burst with flavor and texture. Get a chance to taste your way through the possibilities on offer. We believe in honoring the land through connecting closer to source in all ways. Buffet style, we encourage you to take what you need knowing you can always return for more.

Breakfasts in our front restaurant and dinners may be served in the main building, our tiki bar and poolside lounge, or up at the restaurant. Let us surprise you!

Anytime you need more nourishment, blend yourself a smoothie from local fruits and greens and nutritious add-ins. Grab a snack – never know what we may conjure up.

The Costs and Options

Limited openings, register below. As we are keeping this intimate experience small, all participants will have their own casita or private room in a shared bathroom unit.

Your investment in yourself: $5555 and one week of your time.
Bring your life or business partner! $7777 for two people in same casita

Bonus: Be one of our first 3 Quick Action takers and you will receive a One Hour Massage ($130 value) and a Complete Healing Session with Jesse ($220 value) included.

All payments are being collected by the venue, Con Smania CR through their US-based LLC, Con Smania Collective LLC.
You can choose to pay via Wise, US Bank Transfer, Zelle or Credit Card.

Payments for some add-ons as noted are collected at time of arrival, USD cash is appreciated.

Have questions? Click through our detailed Q&A below.
Still have questions? Schedule a time to chat with Jill.


Q: Why is the retreat priced at $5555

The real cost of this retreat is a week of your valuable time that you are entrusting to us! We promise to make that week one of the most impactful you’ve ever had. It’s an investment in both personal and professional growth, facilitated by experts, and includes additional services like one-on-one coaching and plant medicine ceremonies.

On a consciousness note, 5 shows up when things around you are about to expand and change. A four fold version of this is associated with themes around dreams, ambitions aspirations, and all that you have been manifesting finally coming to fruition. Sounds just right, doesn’t it?

Q: What if I'm unsure about plant medicine ceremonies?
The retreat encourages healthy skepticism and provides a safe space for exploration. Participation in ceremonies is always optional, and ample preparation and integration support are provided.
Q: How will this retreat benefit my business?
By combining business strategy sessions with mindfulness and creativity workshops, the retreat helps you unlock new perspectives and innovative solutions for your business challenges.
Q: Can I bring my partner or work on personal projects?
Yes, the retreat supports both personal and professional development. Partners are welcome if they are aligned with the retreat’s goals, and time is allocated for personal projects and rest.
Q: What if I have dietary restrictions or special needs?
The retreat center offers a variety of accommodations and amenities tailored to meet diverse needs, ensuring a comfortable and inclusive experience for all participants.
Q: What is the daily schedule like?
Each day is thoughtfully structured to balance workshops, masterminds, personal reflection, and rest. Activities include sunrise walks, opening circles, business strategy sessions, and evening sound baths. Detailed schedules ensure a mix of guided activities and personal time.
Q: How can I be sure this retreat is the right fit for me?
This retreat is designed for leaders and entrepreneurs seeking both personal and professional growth. If you’re looking to integrate mindfulness into your business practices and explore new dimensions of consciousness, this retreat is for you.
Q: Will I have access to personal support during the retreat?
Yes, you’ll receive personalized attention through one-on-one sessions with Nick Jones and Jill Sessa, tailored to your unique needs and goals.
Q: What if I need to stay connected to my work during the retreat?
While the retreat encourages mindfulness and presence, there are designated times for personal projects and work. You won’t be asked to completely disconnect if your business requires attention.
Q: What if I need to cancel my attendance?
Please review our cancellation policy on the registration page. We understand that plans can change and offer flexible options for rescheduling or refunds within specified timeframes.
Q: How do I prepare for the plant medicine ceremonies?
Detailed preparation guidelines will be provided, including pre-retreat calls with the facilitators to discuss intentions and expectations. You’ll be well-supported throughout the process.
Q: Are there any additional costs I should be aware of?
The retreat fee includes most activities, meals, and accommodations. Additional services like massages, healings, and excursions are available at an extra cost.
Q: Can I attend if I don’t own a business but am a leader in another capacity?
Absolutely. The retreat is open to leaders from all fields who are looking to enhance their personal and professional lives through mindfulness and consciousness exploration.
You are here! We are excited to have you register for the Startup Consciousness Retreat in September.

Regular (single) Registration or a Couple, Please choose your option and whether to pay in full or make your deposit below. 


10 in stock

$3,000.00 / month for 1 month

10 in stock


4 in stock

$8,000.00 / month for 1 month

4 in stock

Note: Deposit or pay in full at the time of your registration. This payment is non-refundable after the 3 day refund period. Failure to pay all payments in a timely manner will result in cancellation of your registration, no refunds will be offered on any payments made.
Should you need to cancel prior to 7 days before the event, 50% of your registration can be transferred to a future Start Up Consciousness event held within one year. Cancellations within 7 days of the event fully forfeit all funds.