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Retreat leaders are loving the space, support, and sacred energy at Con Smania CR. Here’s what they are saying!

Beautiful testimonial from Michael Mammina, Retreat Leader, Master Life Coach and Reinvention Professional at the conclusion of Mastering Retreats. He and two others now have a retreat booked for July!

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I fell in love this week with Con Smania. I didn’t even know how to say Con Smania when I first got here. The most beautiful part of it, well, there’s so many beautiful parts, but the most beautiful part is the consciousness. What really is here, in the earth, the essence of the earth, and then it’s supported by the amazing spirits that are here from, you know, the dogs to the beautiful howler monkeys, to the all the critters and the beautiful birds that I’m looking at right now. And the rooster who doesn’t understand time, like everything about it, is the essence of why this place is really special.

And then on top of that, there are the people. The people who work here who live here who love here, are here to support you in ways that you will not find very easily in other places. And as a retreat leader. I can’t wait to have that love and support. Not just for my participants, but for me. Because that’s really what sets it apart. And yes, it’s a beautiful place. And yes, the flowers are beautiful, and the birds. But again, I’m going to say it’s the people and one in particular, I’m going to say from the minute I met her was Jill. And what Jill brings is… she talks about the intersection of the jungle and the ocean. But what Jill brings is the intersection of creativity and business. So the intersection right in the middle is really her beautiful sweet spot. She’s able to create like a medicine woman, you know, like a space that allows you as a retreat leader to really dive deep. So she takes care of all logistics or Jillistics as I call it. And she also has this amazing creativity and vision that helps you get to the retreat that you are looking for. So the hardest part about coming here to Con Smania for me, I realized this morning as I laid in a hammock with the sun on my face, is going to be leaving and waiting for the next time I’m here.

Helen booked her retreat after attending a FAM trip (Mastering Retreats), here’s what she had to say at the conclusion of her transformational retreat.

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Hi, my name is Helen McMillan, and my company is Sovereign Minds LLC. I have just wrapped up our seven day retreat here at Con Smania. Retreat Center in Costa Rica. And the name of my retreat was Connect Mind Body Soul. And true story, when I came here to check out the property last year, I said, I’m not having a retreat here. But that was my resistance. Because I felt the power of this land. I felt the power of this space to create deep transformation. And that’s what I’m about creating deep transformation.

But my personal growth edge was to lean into another level of support as a retreat leader, to me, Jill and her team here at Con Smania. From pre planning, pre planning, right from setting up the the sales page, the design of all of that the technical IT support, the planning, and the picking of the different support people who came in to provide sessions. Every bit of it, the planning of the food, there’s so much that Jill took off my plate. And then in true, you know, the thing that made me choose here was one thing Jill said to me, she said, “any discomfort there is, is part of the transformation.” And that is the truth.

In my world, and I tell my people triggering is a great thing. And so there were opportunities to be triggered, you know, from the two hour drive from the airport, right, which some of us are like, too much of a hassle. And I was one of those by the way, that the environment itself supports the work. The fire ceremony, the mushroom ceremony, everybody that she picks. I hadn’t even met Donna who did our breathwork ceremony before the plant medicine ceremony. And as she was moving through, I was like, She’s perfect. She’s ideal. She was such a perfect aligned fit for me and my personality, and the theme of our retreat, and so Jill has a real gift for that. And of course genuinely wanting to serve, and support and the work that she’s done with this land. I have an energy stick that I use when you connect each end, it lights up, when you create the circuit. At first evening, I was getting ready for our opening circle. And I like to use it because it’s a tangible visual representation of what happens when we connect. And the stick fell on the ground on the grass. And it lit up. Yeah, see my eyes? Yeah, I had to take a video of it. I tested it again last night in our closing circle. And it happened again. And it’s that speaks to the power, the energy the sacredness of this land in this space. So if you’re thinking about you having a retreat here, if your soul has led you here, say yes. You might have to move to a little resistance like I did. But you know where resistance lies, there’s great opportunity for breakthrough.